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The moment when you hold your baby for the first time feels like nothing else that you've experienced before...


You immerse yourself in the new kind of love that fills your whole world, forgetting about everything else, touching your baby's tiny toes, smelling your baby's hair trying to remember every inch of your new miracle...


I will help you to make those special memories last by taking images of your baby so when she grows you can always look back at the images and get those fleeting moments back.

Your new baby is unique and that's how I will photograph her. 

My newborn images are baby led, what it means, is that I work around your baby, to capture how they really are at a very beginning of their life's.


I want you to have the images that truly represent your baby with focus on them, not on unnecessary props.


That's why I choose to photograph your baby in your home, so not only you and your family can relax in the comfort of your own home but also so you have all the memories of how your life was at the time of this new chapter. 

Feedback from returning client:


"We've had 2 photo shoots with Paulina so far and they were both amazing. Paulina is all about capturing real emotions and feelings in the pictures. The end product is beautiful whether it's printed or a digital photo."